Call For Papers

There is a substantial amount of literature available on the internet for any supply chain executive interested in learning about supply chain best practices – most of which are based on the research and learnings of the supply chains of developed nations.

Local conferences however, offer an excellent opportunity to both share and learn of the experiences of local companies that face the same daily challenges that you do in your supply chain. We openly invite and encourage members of the industry to share their experiences in the field of supply chain management.

Although speaking experience is preferred, the focus of our events is always on the value of the content shared with a strong emphasis on case studies and practical applications as well as supply chain strategy and best practices.

If you are interested in presenting a paper or case study on any of the following areas, please contact us:

  • Demand Forecasting and Inventory Optimisation
  • Retail and Consumer Product Supply Chains
  • Warehouse Management and Optimisation
  • Supply Chain Risk Management
  • Logistics Outsourcing

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