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In an environment as dynamic and complex as supply chain management, it is imperative for supply chain professionals to keep in touch with industry trends, best practices and technological advancements in order to maintain an optimal and competitive supply chain.

Vicenda is an innovative services company delivering business information services to the logistics and supply chain industry. Our focus is to provide executives with tailored business platforms that allow them to keep informed and up-to-date with the latest industry trends. Our workshops, conferences and roundtables bring together industry experts and seasoned practitioners to share their knowledge, experience and insight in interactive learning environments.

Although content is always based on sound academic principles, we have a strong focus on sharing fresh perspectives and practical solutions to the business challenges that supply chain executives encounter daily.

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7 - 8 March 2018
Premier Hotel, OR Tambo, Jhb

This two-day workshop will cover the real-world application of how to effectively handle the technical aspects relating to exporting into Africa.  It is highly practical and will also highlight potential problems that could arise from incorrectly applying these technical processes and how to evade the pitfalls relating to the unique nature of Exporting into Africa.

Delivered by the Master Trainer for the International Chamber of Commerce for Africa, the workshop is aimed at providing delegates with an understanding of current best inter-processes, South African government statutory requirements, the benefits offered by trade agreements such as SADC, EAC, COMESA and SACU and how to implement up-to-date export administration processes within every organisation. 


7 March 2018
Premier Hotel, OR Tambo, Jhb

Every company has its own unique supply chain, with highly individualized logistics cost inputs, yet most companies seem to suffer from a lack of visibility of costs as they are incurred through the supply chain pipeline. In order to effectively monitor, manage and optimise their operational costs, logistics professionals must understand the specific logistics cost elements and drivers as well as the true costs of servicing different customer types / channels & market segments.

The content of this workshop has been designed to empower delegates with a solid understanding of logistics cost elements and drivers as well as the critical relationships between physical activities, operating performance, cost generation and pricing within a logistics environment. 


13 - 14 March 2018
Premier Hotel, OR Tambo

This workshop will provide delegates with a complete understanding of current best practices in stores management and importantly, how to apply them effectively in their current environment. The aim of this workshop is empower delegates with the knowledge to increase efficiency, improve productivity and be more customer-focused and service oriented.

The content is practical and over these two days, delegates will gain knowledge of the fundamentals in managing stores effectively as well as proven methodologies that can immediately be implemented in their stores or warehouse. This workshop has been designed for introductory to intermediate level.


15 March 2018
Premier Hotel, OR Tambo, Jhb

Although increasing capacity and improving productivity and service levels are priorities in any distribution centre, achieving these goals is not always a straight-forward task in facilities that weren’t initially designed to accommodate the modern supply chain. Whether you are re-engineering your current distribution centre or considering developing a new “fit for purpose” facility, this workshop will provide delegates with insight into the key elements that must be considered before taking any step forward.

This workshop offers a unique opportunity to gain valuable insight into current best practices and international trends in warehouse layout and design from one of South Africa’s foremost experts in this specialised field.